Finding out you have HIV is one of those times where you know your life will never be the same. Going in for tests, taking medication, switching medication, going in for more tests – there’s a lot that goes into managing living with HIV. But it is manageable, and over a million people are doing just that in the U.S. alone.

People with HIV aren’t always ready to share about their experiences because the disease is still stigmatized by some. However, sharing about health experiences is critical for advancing research and helping others feel less isolated.

We asked people in our community why they think it’s important to share:


“So many go into deep depression – it’s not a death sentence. Honesty is key and while a stigma exists, I have found genuine honesty from those who have squarely faced the virus.”

– Gerald

“It’s important because there [are] others out there who need help and motivation to get tested, get vested, and get interested in their HIV Status.  The only way to end HIV Stigma is to be open about it.”

– Prizila

“I have found that my story is important to share with all humans, because I am that Survivor. I went through life with HIV/AIDS and now I can teach others how not to go through what I’ve been through. It is important because I like to encourage and inspire the ones who are infected and affected by HIV. I provide the Hope in knowing that you can live. You can have your career, you can have your family, and you can continue to dream that you will still be around to see The Cure.

Sharing my story also helps me personally as a therapeutic way of dealing with my life. It goes both ways – that’s why I encourage so many people to just be comfortable with whatever diagnosis you receive and know that there are people behind you that will support and respect you and have love for you.”

– Quintara


Opportunity to share your HIV story!

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