If you tried visiting our website a few weeks ago, you may have noticed that something was a little off. Well, more than a little off, actually. The whole thing was gone. Vanished. Kaput.

So how does a website just up and disappear? Funny story. Part of our plan for making Health Stories Project bigger and better involves moving all of our technology and data to the cloud.website-boo-boo-blog

That was the plan anyway. You know how you can never find your blender when you move to a new apartment? Yeah, that happened with our website.

Let’s just say it wasn’t a good day for our team. About three years’ worth of work gone in an instant, but the worst part was that over a hundred health stories were no longer being told. Stories that people were willing to share with us and that continue to do some serious good for others.

So what do you do when the rug gets pulled out from under you? You pick yourself up, that’s what.

We knew that two things had to happen.

Number one: rebuild the site and get it back online as quickly as possible. Check.

And the other thing? That one’s a little tougher: recreate each and every story we’ve shared since 2013. It’s a big job, but we’re already a good part of the way there.

Silver lining in all of this? It’s an opportunity to revisit each post, improve a few things, and make it easier for people to find stories that matter to them. It’s going to take some time, but we know the site will be better once we’re done.

“The Great Blog Restoration” (as we like to call it) has caused bit of a pain, sure, but it’s brought our team closer together and reaffirmed our commitment to sharing stories that inspire, educate, and help find meaning in the health experiences that shape our lives.

We hope you’ll continue to check them out and maybe even sign up to share one of your own.